Start up from a distance

Even now that we can only travel very limited, you can still expect a high service level. But sometimes we all have to be more creative. There are customers who have to start up their new machinery in this covid-19 time. Normally an engineer would visit onsite and assist. To enable starting up now we arranged extensive contact before the actual commissioning date. With online video connections and the Mush Comb engineer on one side and the local electrician and local operator on the other site. Step by step explanation and hoping that your internet connection doesn’t fail. We can be honest that we don’t see this as real future alternative and are convinced an onsite visit is the best. But worldwide we all have to make the best of it and on this way the investments made can still be put in operation even if it takes a few days more. Because reason for investment was to achieve higher productions and higher efficiency and those goals you don’t want to postpone.

We all wish you the best and it is good to know that there is a Mush Comb engineer ready behind his screen to give support. Like our technical specialist Roel shown in action.


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