Netherlands as centre of the world.

It's great to see how the Netherlands is still the centre of the world when it becomes to mushroom growing and composting. The Mushroom Days 2019 have been a great example of how the Dutch sector is leading in this worldwide industry.

As Mush Comb we have been pleased to meet new and existing customers from all around the world. We have been able to present our automatic picking lorrie which has been a great success in Netherlands and Belgium in the 12 months before the Mushroom Days.

The compost tunnel winch was a great eye catcher and at the same time show the industry that the mushroom composting machinery are an important part of our product range.

And last but not least the phase 2 headfiller. Yes we also make phase 3 headfillers but we wanted to point out that the phase 2 customers is also an important group in the mushroom world. With this we also have shown our flexibility towards our customers.

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