Casing Separator

It's already a few years ago that Mush Comb developed the casing separator. At that time something odd in the industry. Questions about why, which purpose, etc. The vision of Sikes Champignons was clear and has proven itself by time. The need for new product developments for your spent compost is getting bigger and bigger. The casing separator has been a first step in this process.

Mush Comb is the world leader in this development and have the best practical proven machinery.
How it works? During emptying the casing is removed from the compost. The compost goes straight ahead to the trailer. The casing is dropped on a Conveyor at the middle aisle, this Conveyor transports the separated casing to a Container, Trailer or similar.

We offer 1-arm till complete contractor solutions. We will be happy to share our years of practical experience with you.

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