HLP - Mushroom Exotics

Mush Comb is a member of the German organization HLP. This organization was originally founded for local mushroom exotics growers in Germany. Over the years it has become an international organization with members from Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, France and more. 

In February there was the yearly expert tour. In the past we already had visits to Spain, Japan, Netherlands, USA and more. This year the visit was to Israel. Advantage of such visits is that everybody is away from their daily job and you have plenty of time for detailed discussions about substrate production and mushroom exotics growing. Because Mush Comb still has the goal to come up with a growing standard for the European market. That this is easier said then done is know but each single person in the industry knowns the benefits of one clear standarized way of growing. On this trip we learned a lot and continue our way in the growing market of exotics.

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