New Brochure

Our updated brochure is finalized and now complying with our new strategy! 
Remember our strategic change?

“Our logo, mission, vision and slogan have changed to match the identity of Mush Comb. 
Currently we exceed in offering new Machinery to the mushroom-, exotics- and composting markets.

The past couple of years we have been facilitating our clients also with Climate solutions, Supplies and Engineering, 
but now we want to communicate these product groups more to the market too. 
This allows Mush Comb to respond to the needs of the global market for total solutions and advice.

Our goal is to keep innovating to enable us to provide the best possible service for our clients. 
This will provide a steady growth for our customers, but also Mush Comb itself.”

The online version of this brochure will be posted in our next newsletter. If you are not yet connected to us, please follow this link to SUBSCRIBE

We are also updating our website, on which we will include a link to our new brochure as soon as possible.

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