All-In-One Sales Representative and Head of Finance

Roel got us a minute to share his personal story, please look below for the Q&A.

Where are you from?
Leunen, the Netherlands

What is your function and what does it involve?
I am Sales Representative, but also Head of Finance. My job involves contact with clients which I offer suiting solutions. Together with the client I examine all possible options. Besides this, I am responsible for the bookkeeping of Mush Comb.

What is the most fun project you have worked on?
The first mushroom farm in Libya with Mr. Mahmoud, because of the challenging budget that was available. This got us to think creatively. At the end, the client was very satisfied and we still keep in touch with each other monthly.

What do you like the most about your job?
The variation of work. Because I am responsible for sales, client contact and finance, I am involved in multiple areas of the company.

What are your hobbies besides work?
Running, tennis, playing soccer with my son, watching my daughter play korfball (a mix between netball and basketball) and hanging out with my friends.

Which mushroom dish can you be woken up for?
Pastry with mushroom ragout, but I’d rather not be woken up.

What is your favourite innovation?
The car, because otherwise I would have to take my bicycle to work every day.

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