Introducing our All-Round Mechanist

Niels shared his personal story, please look below for the Q&A.

Where are you from?
Venhorst, the Netherlands

What is your function and what does it involve?
I am an all-round mechanist. My work consists of building machines from start to finish. 
in addition, I study mechatronics to further develop myself and to be able to carry out the process even better.

What is the most fun project you have worked on?
Basciani, in the USA. Here I have put a Head Filling Machine into operation. It was great to see their traditional business which we can help to professionalize even further. 
I was also very warmly received and I was allowed to be part of their culture for a couple of days.

What do you like the most about your job?
The variety. I am widely applicable, have different tasks and see the possibilities for continuous growth at Mush Comb. We work in a small, fun team and I enjoy the informal chatter. I do not mind the “fries and snacks break” every Thursday either.

What are you hobbies besides work?
Playing soccer and having a couple of drinks with my friends.

Which mushroom dish can you be woken up for?
We eat a lot of mushrooms at home, but they cannot match the deep fried mushrooms I have had in the USA.

What is your favourite innovation?
Electrical energy, because what would we have done without it?

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