Mush Comb has been established to put the customer first.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. We have actively been empowering this since the early 90s.

Mush Comb’s experienced team is used to put full effort into helping our clients with everything. Honest advice is one of the fundaments of our business. We genuinely want to support our customers and have therefore shifted our ideology from product-based to customer-based.

With everything we do, we ask ourselves the question “why?”
“Why do most suppliers think from products and not from the needs of the client?” We are going to stand in your shoes and come up with the best solutions for your specific situation.

In order to do this, we want to deliver a personal service. We are always in contact with our clients, from Whatsapp to social media to calls. It is also possible to video call, so clients can not only hear us, but also see us. This service does not stop after a purchase, because we want to grow together with our clients, now and in the future.

The extensive knowledge and information we share with each other, we also share with our clients. Our team strives to know everything about our products and the mushroom-, exotics- and composting markets. This is one of the ways we can offer the best possible advice.

All the above mentioned is empowered by the development of functional, high-quality products, conceived from the user. These products are safe to use and user-friendly. We support worldwide availability of spare parts so that our clients are provided with the possibility of an ongoing process when unexpected problems occur.

We are always on the look for innovation to develop excellent products, but also a better service.

Mush Comb treats you as number 1!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

T: +31 77 398 39 29 

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