New Team Member

Kevin will be supporting the Marketing Communications department of Mush Comb. 
For us a reason to ask him a couple of questions.

Where are you from?
Meterik, the Netherlands

Why did you choose Mush Comb?
The past couple of years I have been on the road for study-, work- and life experiences in South-Africa, Sweden and New Zealand. When I came back to the Netherlands I was looking to work for an international orientated company where I can empower my marketing skills. The vacant function at Mush Comb is the perfect step in my career, because of the possibility to be highly involved within the Marketing Communication of Mush Comb.

What skills are you going to bring to Mush Comb?
In 2016, I have finished my Marketing Master in Sweden. Last year I have gained sales experience in New Zealand. Both these experiences are going to help me support Mush Comb in general. I am furthermore very motivated to exploit my talents and work in a fun environment, which Mush Comb offers me.

What do you want to learn at Mush Comb?
I want to finally be able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. I might bring some of my study books along for guidelines, but it is time to put my creativity into work.

What are your hobbies besides work?
My field of interests consists of the world of sports (from running marathons and participating in obstacle runs to watching sports on the couch), travelling and cooking. I can always be woken up for new adventures, exploring is part of my DNA and I strive to always develop my professional skill set in the broadest sense.

Which mushroom dish can you be woken up for?
Simply a mushroom burger.

What is your favourite innovation?
The airplane, but this will be replaced by a time travelling machine when that comes to the market. All to provide easy travel solutions.

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